• EQ: Planet Home 2019

    EQ is a consortium of different thinkers and makers dedicated to creating impactful innovations that help society live abundantly without negative environmental consequences.

    Our goal is to influence human behavior to produce a more prosperous and sustainable future.

    We gather people of diverse backgrounds to connect, create, and celebrate world-changing ideas that address our climate, water, space, energy, waste, and biodiversity.

    The networks we build, the investments we make, and the products we promote are designed to accelerate and amplify socially responsible actions that are business responsible practices.

    The world’s most challenging environmental problems are the world’s largest economic opportunities.

    Now, more than ever, to be a force for good is to be a force for growth.

    Working together with leaders in business, education, technology, finance, government, and the community, we develop, accelerate and support business solutions to planetary problems.

    We believe business for good is good business.